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Ashita e no Basho

A story about four girls and their seperate journies to save the world from an evil darkness.

Ashita e no Basho can be translated from Japanese to English and means The Place Towards Tomorrow.
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The story starts out with the Earth Gaurdian talking about a dilema. An evil force is coming to threaten the Earth and the chosen saviors are nowhere near ready to face this evil. He decides to send them to seperate dimensions of Earth to learn unique abilities of Magics, Demons, Alchemy, and Sorcery. He planted four books in the local library where the saviors lived. Depending on which book they picked up for the Venture Crew outing would decide which dimension they were sent to.
Meanwhile, Kitt, Prue, Ryoko, and Mouse checked out the books for their crew outing in the Breaks Interstate Park in Virginia. Ryoko picked up the "Book of Animals", Mouse picked up the "Book of Weather", Kitt picked up the "Book of Plants", and Prue picked up the "Book of Rocks".
Ryoko was sent to the world "Inuyasha" beacuse the "Book of Animals" was a disguise for a book about Demons. Thus, Ryoko would learn about being a Demon.
Mouse was sent to the world of "Slayers" because the "Book of Weather" was a disguise for a book about Sorcery. Thus, Mouse would learn how to be a Sorceress.
Kitt was sent to the world of "Full Metal Alchemist" because the "Book of Plants" was a disguise for a book about Alchemy.  Thus, Kitt would learn how to use Alchemy.
Prue was sent to the world of "DNAngel" because the "Book of Rocks" was a disguise for a book on theiving/magical arts. (Basically learning how to do the things Dark can do) Thus, Prue would learn how to be a Phantom Theif.
The Earth Guardian did provide the girls with laptops that would allow them to keep in touch with each other of the period of time they would be seperated.
The story starts with a prologe. After that, each authoress is writting their own side of the story. Towards the end of the story, the story is written how the prologe was and the story will be finished that way.
Anime-Kat2002 owns Kitt
Ninja Mouse owns Mouse
Ryoko-Pegasus owns Ryoko
Prudence-Halliewell-05 owns Prue
DNAngel, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, and Slayers are owned by their respective owners.

Anime-Kat2002 owns everything that is hers.~it will be mentioned who owns what in the story description~

(jap)Tsukino Hikariwa ai no message-(eng)The moonlight carries the message of love

History defines who you are because it tells you who you’ve been

Courage is resistance to fear,mastery of fear, not absence of fear