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The Mystic's Dream

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"Ashita e no Basho" Profile

Homunculus are beings that are created artificially by Alchemy. They are much like natural humans in their physical appearance, but they have no souls. They are by-products of failed attempts at human transmutation, usually an attempt at resurrection of a dead human. While they are called human, the materials which make up their bodies are not human and can be transmuted in part or whole by an alchemist without regard to the limitations of transmutation of human material.


Name: Treachery
Age: Appears from ages 16-18
Birth: -unknown-
Hairstyle: Same as Kitt's.
Hair Color: Black with burgandy/red tips
Eyes: Violet
Height: 5,8 1/2"
Weight: Around 140-180 lbs
Body Markings: Homunculus symbol
Education: -unknown; presumed to be very intelligent-

When Kitt goes to stay with an Alchemist, Prof.Marcus Hilltop, to study before her alchemy exam she learns that she is the spitting image of his daughter (Isabel Hilltop) who had only died months before. Unknown to Kitt at the time, Prof. Hilltop had been performing Human Transmutations to bring his daughter back. Kitt passed her alchemy exam and returned to the Hilltop mansion to retrieve some of her things. The Professor had snapped and decided that using ingredients that you can buy at the store wouldn't work but maybe using the spitting image would work. Kitt was his daughter's age, height, and everything else. He thought that maybe using Kitt as the material his daughter's soul would just enter Kitt's body and in exchange Kitt's soul would be locked inside of the gate. Ed and Al, coming to check up on Kitt, barge in and save Kitt before the transmutation could go any further. The only thing Kitt lost was her left arm.
Hours after the Military had shown up, arrested Prof. Hilltop, and escorted Kitt, Ed, and Al on a train to Resembol for Kitt to get an automail arm, a figure stood out from the darkness of the basement where the attempted resurection had been performed. There stood Treachery. All of the failed transmutations had given her a body bit by bit. With the transmutation performed on Kitt she got a left arm and was able to escape the Alchemy Gate. Treachery tried to make some clothes for herself but the military had trashed the place. The white bandage around her thighs and her head were part of the cloth that Ed and Al tried to use to slow Kitt's bleeding before the military arrived and could treat her properly.Treachery burnt the house down, having some of Kitt's memories as well as Prof. Hilltop's daughter. She decided it would be best to burn the place of her dark birth. She wondered into the sewers of Central, where she stayed hidden for awhile. While in hiding, she contemplated her memories. The things she knew from both of the girls. A hatred grew against Kitt. Why is it that she could be human and Treachery couldn't? Treachery thought about it. She could use Kitt in a transmutation to gain her body. Giving Treachery a new life. One day, a person in the militray had gone into the sewers, saw Treachery, and tried to expose her. For fear of her being exposed, Treachery killed the man and threw his body above ground. People started getting hysterical about a sewer monster and more military men came. Treachery killed every single one of them. Eventually, Kitt found her way down into the sewer(Ed adn Al are in Lab 5), the military finally saying that a State Alchemist should handle it. Upon seeing Kitt in the sewer, Treachery went bezerk. She tried to kill Kitt and almost did if Kitt didn't escape. Upon escaping, Kitt ran to Lab 5 to aid Ed and Al. Unknown to Treachery, she was being watched by the other Homunculus for some time. Encountering Dante (in the form of an old woman at the time) and the other Homunculus she joined with them to get more Red Stones (the reason she didn't beat Kitt was because she was weak) and to get the Philospher's Stone to become human.
Treachery is very close to Wrath. She treats him like a little brother and is protective of him. And like Wrath, thanks to her human arm she can perform Alchemy. Treachery's powers are also super strength, speed, and fighting abilities. Treachery doesn't say much of anything and pretty much wears the same expression on her face. Usually when she is fighting she gets a sadistic look on her face and becomes a rampaging machine. Later on in the story though, Treachery switches sides and starts aiding Kitt.

I picked for her name to be Treachery because the Homunculus are named after the Deadly Sins. The translation Treachery is: Willful betrayal of fidelity, confidence, or trust; perfidy-The act or an instance of such betrayal. Basically, the reason why its her name is because she is not honest at all. You can't tell whose side she is really on because through out the story she helps Kitt but yet she also tries to kill Kitt. Same with the Homunculus, she tries to help them with the Philosopher's Stone but at the same time she tries to prevent them from getting it for whatever reason she has.
Ashita e no Basho Themes for Treachery
Fight: "Tenth Man Down" Nightwish
About Herself: "Cruel" Tori Amos
Inner Fight: "See Who I Am" Within Temptations
Full Metal Alchemist song:


Treachery is copyrighted to Anime-Kat2002; Everything else owned by the respectful owner of FMA

(jap)Tsukino Hikariwa ai no message-(eng)The moonlight carries the message of love

History defines who you are because it tells you who you’ve been

Courage is resistance to fear,mastery of fear, not absence of fear