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The Mystic's Dream

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"Ashita e no Basho" Profile

Human kind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange.


Name: Kitt Hikawa
Age: 18
Birth: November 8, 1987
Hairstyle: Middle of back, Curly/Wavey
Hair Color: Brown with pink tips
Eyes: Blue-gray
Height: 5,8 1/2"
Weight: 137 Lbs
Education: High School Graduate
This Kitt is basically the same Kitt from "Nemurai Yoru Wa". Just a different hairstyle. Kitt (both of them) is basically a portrayal of the real person named Jennifer (who goes by the nickname Kitt) so it's understandable why both versions of Kitt are so similiar although they are from two TOTALLY different stories.
Kitt is sent to the world of "Full Metal Alchemist" where she meets Edward and Alphonse Elric. They found her outside of the town of Xenotime where she starts to travel with them. She eventually finds out about having to help save the world (by reading the inside cover of her library book-see the Ashita e no Basho page to understand) even though she has no memory.They also find out that Kitt is suffering from amnesia and can't remember her name, height, birth, or anything else about her. Little by little, her memory returns.  They figured out her name by looking inside the bookbag that Kitt had with her when she was sent to the Alchemy world and reading a tag. They figured it was her since she fitted the description on the I.D. Kitt decides to learn alchemy and with the help of Ed and Al she is given the chance to become a State Alchemist. She stays with a Prof. Hilltop in Central. Kitt finds out that he had lost his daughter, Isabel Hilltop, only a few weeks before. Kitt also found out that she was the spitting image of his daughter. Unknown to Kitt though was the the Professor was performing human transmutation, trying to bring his daughter back. Kitt studied for her alchemy exam while Ed and Al taveled around lto find the Philosopher's Stone like they always do. Finally, Kitt took the exam and passed, becoming the second youngest, and only female, State Alchemist. She was dubbed the Elemental Alchemist. The Professor finally snapped and decided that his daughter may come back if he used the body of a girl who was just like his daughter, aka Kitt, that maybe Isabel's soul would enter Kitt's body while forcing Kitt's soul out. The Professor captured Kitt and started his transmutation. Luckly for Kitt, the Elric brothers came to the Professor's Mansion to congradulate her. They hear a commotion and stopped the transmutation. Instead of losing her soul or her entire body, Kitt just lost her left arm. The military came and arrested the Professor and sent Kitt and the Elrics to Resembol to get Kitt and automail arm. Unkown to Kitt at the time, thanks to the contribution of her arm the Homunculus, Treachery, was born (whom Kitt meets later). Treachery is the dark version of Kitt. Homunculus take after the person that was trying to be reserected and with Kitt looking just like Isabel (Isabel being Kitt's FMA counterpart) Treachery looks like Kitt, only evil. She meets Treachery in the swerers of Central as Edward and Alphonse are in side of Lab 5. Kitt escapes Treachery and goes into Lab 5 to help the Elrics. After that she starts to unravel with them the mystery of the Philosopher's Stone as well as the battle with Excida.
On the back of Kitt's jacket she has the same symbol that Ed has with the exception that her's is a red color. Kitt learned from Ed how to make her arm into a sword and other things just like his. Kitt's alchemy is rocks, wind, water, plants, fire, and lightening as well as normal tansmutations. Some of them though, like fire for example, she has to be wearing a special glove to use. This gives Kitt the name of the Elemental Alchemist.
Kitt travels with the Elrics to help with the search of the Philosopher's Stone as well as trying to regain her memory. She does get enough of her memory back to be able to help her friends fight Excidia to save the world.
Ashita e no Basho Themes for Kitt:
Fight: "The Only" Static X
About Herself: "Ten Days" Celine Dion
Inner Fight: "Somewhere I Belong" Linkin Park
Japanese: "Revolution" From "Revolutionary Girl Utena"
Dark: "Going Under" Evanescence
Light: "Book of Days" Enya (English version)
Full Metal Alchemist Song: "Unerasable Sin" Nana Kitade
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Anime-Kat2002 owns Kitt and the picture in the profile. "Full Metal Alchemist" is owned by it's respective owner. All songs mentioned belong to their respective owners.

(jap)Tsukino Hikariwa ai no message-(eng)The moonlight carries the message of love

History defines who you are because it tells you who you’ve been

Courage is resistance to fear,mastery of fear, not absence of fear