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The Mystic's Dream

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Kitt's English 12 Essay about what makes her who she is. Kitt recieved a 89/B on this Essay.

I Owe It All To Them

What exactly defines a person? Many people say that your experiences is what difines you. Well I believe that experiences just help in the making of a person. The experiences I’ve had with my three best friends is what I believe makes me who I am. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Like many children I had the off-again-on-again friendships through elementary school and middle school. I was a rather shy person so it was hard to make new friends. By the time I was a freshman in High School I only had a few friends. That year was the year that I would meet one of the three most important people in my life, Amanda Jones. I met Amanda at the end of our Spring Choral Concert. She was talking to a group of people when I overheard her say something about a Japanese Anime show called "Dragonball Z." Being a huge fan of Japanese Animation, I was intrigued to know someone else besides me liked those kinds of shows. I gathered up my courage and walked up to her and asked if she liked Anime. She said that she loved it. After that moment we have become inseperable friends.

During the summer at the end of my freshman year I met another important person, Casey Mullins. We met on the travel bus for our Education Talent Search trip to New York City. I saw her sitting by herself as I looked for a place to sit. I didn’t see anybody I really knew except for her, I knew her from World History Part One class. I asked if I could sit with her and she said yes. I sat down and was pretty much silent. Around noon I looked over to see what Casey was doing. She was drawing a picture of a character from an Anime show that I reconized. She asked m if I knew who the character was and I nodded, somewhat shocked that there was yet another person who liked Anime just as I do. We got to talking and I found out more about Casey. Casey had many of the same interests as Amanda and me and I found out that her and Amanda were even cousins. Not long after the trip was over, Amanda and me stayed the night at Casey’s house. We stayed up the entire night talking, giggling, and watching movies. For the first time in my life I felt normal. I had always considered myself different from what few friends I had and my fellow classmates because of my interests. My shyness and my yearn for acceptance among my classmates kept me from being who I really was.

Amanda, Casey, and me had become very close friends. All through the beginning of my sophmore year we hung out together and went to Venture Scouts (a branch of Boy Scouts that is Co-Ed). By the middle of my sophmore year I met the third and las biggest influence on my life, Deloris Mullins. I met Deloris through a girl I knew at school but wasn’t all that close with. She told me that Deloris was in the same things as me, Amanda, and Casey. She introduced us over the internet and I told Deloris to sit with me, Amanda, and Casey at lunch. The next day at school Deloris sat with us and we got to know each other. We found out that Deloris was a purple belt-almost black belt-in martial arts and she could get us into a class. We took her up on her offer and we told her about of Venture Scouts which she joined.

As the school year went by the four of us became inseperable. In Febuary of that year, Casey went to Maryland to study for her G.E.D., leaving just me, Amanda, and Deloris. While Casey was still in Maryland we kept in touch with her but it felt like a peice of us was missing. On one of Casey’s visits the three of us stayed the night with her and cried. That night was when I realized just how lucky I was to have them as my friends. Eventually Casey moved back to Virginia. Her and Amanda graduated my junoir year and Deloris’ sophmore year. This year it will be just me and Deloris at Patrick Henry High School, this being my last year. At their Graduation, I started to realize just how much they, and Deloris, had changed my life. Casey taught me to be more bold and take more risks. To just follow the road we call life and face all adversities head on. She also encouraged me in my artwork. From Amanda I learned to overcome my shyness. She helped me find courage in my own singing voice and that it was O.K. to be different and that I should be proud of it. Amanda told me that no one lives forever and to live life to it’s fullest because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Deloris taught me that girls can do anything boys can do. She taught me that if I set my mind to it I can achieve it. She also taught me that to become one with something you must become it yourself.

If it wasn’t for these three people I would probably still be that shy little girl who was afraid of what others may think of her. Thanks to them, I am now the person I am today. A bold young woman with the strength to take anything that life throws my way. I hope that over time I can repay them for what they have given to me: everlasting friendship. But for now all I can hope for is that I had, in some way, effected their lives like they have mine. I know that years from now we may lose touch or become angry with each other but thanks to them I truely believe in this saying: "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same."

This is Anime-Kat2002's Essay! So I own the whole thing!

(jap)Tsukino Hikariwa ai no message-(eng)The moonlight carries the message of love

History defines who you are because it tells you who you’ve been

Courage is resistance to fear,mastery of fear, not absence of fear