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The Mystic's Dream

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Time to visit other people's sites! Please come back soon!

Here are the links people. Above the picture is the site title and below it, it says who is in the picture. Click the picture for the site to appear in a new window. Please visit all the sites! Please don't take anything from my friend's sites!

The Domain of Kat-The Sister Site!
~All My Charcters~ ^-^(Yes, I own this site)

Lazy Acres
Ryoko and Nemisis

Kunoichi-Japanese 4 Female Ninja
Ninja Mouse


Full Metal Alchemist-Hagane No Renkinjutsushi

Not A Shrimp-Edward Elric Shrine

Anime-Kat2002's Full Metal Alchemist RPG

Fan Fiction


Anime Music Videos

Of course not all the sites have pictures! The ones that are not my buddies (or not that important to me ^^) will not have pictures. For now, I'll leave that to be done later.

I own this site and the site of "The Domain of Kat" of which their content belongs to me unless otherwise mentioned. These people's sites are up here because they are my friends and all the content in their sitrs belongs to them unless otherwise mentioned.

(jap)Tsukino Hikariwa ai no message-(eng)The moonlight carries the message of love

History defines who you are because it tells you who you’ve been

Courage is resistance to fear,mastery of fear, not absence of fear