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Nemurenai Yoru Wa

A story about a young girl and her life as it drastically changes for ordinary to out of this world.....


First off, get the info on the characters! Go to the Domain of Kat 
so that you can understand the background of the people in this messed up story!
Nemurenai Yoru Wa from english to japanese means On Sleepless Nights. The reason why I chose that title for my story(stories) is because of the restlessness of the story.  Because of the cultural background and the different races of the characters and the circumstances that brought them all together. There are problems among the people in the story along with the conflict of fighting enemies. This summary right now mainly just tells how everyone met and a little bit into each person's background.
The story starts out with a young girl named Kat Hikawa. A girl ignored by her family and bullied at school. When she turns sixteen, her and one other girl from her high school, Bree Jones (age 16), was captured by a military gov't and was experimented on. Their experimentations gave the girls super strength and other super-human like powers. As a result, the girls turned somewhat phsycotic and became criminals after breaking out of the military facility.
One day, Kat and Bree ran into the military gov't again. Kat was hit by some ray gun of theirs and had a mental split. Her good side, the way she was before the military came, split from her completly. Forming a new human being named Kitt Hikawa. Over the span of time (like a year) the three met other people.
At a high school football game, Kitt and Kat jumped somebody they thought to be hurting a young girl. To their surprise, they saved a 300 year old vampire from being killed by a witch. Thus the vampire had to serve them to repay her debt. The vampire's name is Tigra. Her human name is Cassondra and she died when she was thirteen years old, thus her young girl appearnace.
Not to much later, Kitt was exploring during a camping trip with the family that she and Kat dispise and ran into the half-human, half-cat demon Koneko. Koneko was from the fuedal era of Japan and found a magical well to take her back and forth from her time period to ours. Sounds a lot like "Inuyasha" huh? Well that would be because Koneko is the cousin to Inuyasha and is traveling b/w the times to help gather shards of the Shikon No Tama. She decides to venture around with Kitt and Kat. Mainly because their constant traveling helps her to find jewel shards.
While traveling in the city of Knoxville, TN The groupd met up with two girls. A ten year old girl named Risika Son and a sixteen year old girl named Tengu Son. These two girls somehow came from the DBZ world. Tengu, though, originally came from our world.  When she was fourteen she was transported to the DBZ world and became half-saiyan. Risika is her adopted little sister from the DBZ world. In an effort to find a way home, the girls travel around with Kitt and Kat.
I bet by now you are wondering why the group is traveling around so much. Kat, Kitt, and Bree are on the run from this militray gov't but Kat and Bree are also on the run for being the FBI's Most Wanted.Tigra is forced to go with them because of her servitude. Koneko is with them because she is not only looking for shards but she has a demon b/f who somehow followed her to our time and is trying to cause trouble. Tengu and Risika travel with the group in hopes to find a way back home by trying to use the military's resources.
One night, Kat robbed a nearby store for supplies. All this traveling and while constanly adding people it's pretty hard to maintain food supplies (especially when one girl eats as much as a saiyan *cough*Tengu!*cough*). Kat hear the sounds of a fight and headed towards it. She peeked around the corner to see a young man fighting off of group of people with a sword. Kat jumped in to give the guy a hand. It just wasn't fair for him to be by himself. When the group of hitmen left the man bowed to Kat and said thank you. She asked if he had a place to go or anything liek that. The man shook his head no. Kat invited him to travel along with her group. He accepted and told her his name was Sakejima Dagger.
Sakejima Dagger is from Kyoto, Japan. He knows english (at least enough to get him by) and can write it but only in capitol letters. His real name is Takashi with the nickname of Dagger. Dagger is a samurai hitman but has traveled to America to find his twin little brother and sister whom he's never met, seeing how his parents abandoned him and died not long after putting his siblings up for adoption. So now Dagger travels with the group as a body guard (mainly for Risika and for Kitt~Kitt is still learning how to fight~) and to search for his siblings.
Last but not least, Sprinkles! After a few months of dodged the militray, the police, evil demons, witches, and evil vampires the group manages to return home to the Hikawa residence and just in time for school to start. (-_- Yay...) Outside in the backyard, Kat kicked what she thought to be a ball. It hit the tree, ricoshaded, and hit her in the head. Tigra, after inspecting it, told the group it was the egg of a spirit beast. All happy with joy, Kitt took the egg and hatched it. Thus the lesser mouse lemur named Sprinkles was born! Since Sprinkles is still so young, not much is known about her abilities. What is known is that she loves to make Dagger's life miserable.
The story of Nemurenai Yoru Wa is a story that tells that no matter what background you come from, you can always find people who love you. (Not that way! Like friends ^^) It also tells about how using everyone's special abilities or talents and working together can bring down any foe and that you don't have to fight your battles alone. Corny huh? But over time the characters start to change a little bit by becoming more open or not as cold. The story is not complete though, many more people could join in the messed world that I call a story. But for now, the story is finished.
~I own all characters and the story idea
~I don't own DBZ or Inuyasha
~Bree is owned by SailorBree

This story and characters belong to Anime-Kat2002 (unless otherwise mentioned)

(jap)Tsukino Hikariwa ai no message-(eng)The moonlight carries the message of love

History defines who you are because it tells you who you’ve been

Courage is resistance to fear,mastery of fear, not absence of fear